Nyareu's Story

Nyareu photoMy family came to the U.S. as refugees from South Sudan.   At a point in time I was no longer able to live with my mother. This was hard because I had just started my first quarter at Seattle Central Community College and was unemployed with nowhere to live. A friend of mine told me about the Y's Center for Young Adults, and a housing program called Transitions where I could get one on one support from staff while working toward my goals for the future.   I took all the right steps like taking housing classes and soon signed my lease at the "Central Shared Home". I now have a safe and stable place to live while I continue my education.
The Y has helped me in many ways. In addition to housing the Y has given me scholarships for school and helped me in finding a part time job.  
Because of the support and opportunities provided to me by the YMCA and my own hard work, I have transitioned from Y housing into my own apartment. I am looking forward to earning my AA degree in June and transferring to a four year college. My long term goal is to earn my BA in teaching and return to my home country to teach young children there.
I am very thankful to have found the Y.  Through safe and stable transitional housing and the encouragement and support of staff, I have been able to move steadily forward toward achieving my goals, and I am confident in my plans for the future.