YMCA Young Adult Services works actively with funders and community partners to advance outcomes for youth transitioning from foster care or homelessness.

The Y is proud to partner with:

  • Treehouse to improve high school/GED graduation rates and postsecondary enrollment/retention rates for youth in foster care
  • Casey Family Programs to improve permanency and other transition outcomes for youth experiencing foster care
  • Mockingbird Society to promote youth engagement and systems improvement around child welfare and homelessness
  • YouthCare to improve employment/education services and housing options for homeless young adults
  • Children's Administration to engage youth in foster care with independent living services and education services
  • Local government including the City of Seattle, King County and the Department of Commerce to provide housing and services for homeless and at-risk youth
  • Seattle and King County Housing Authorities to provide housing

The Y is an active partner in the Youth & Young Adult initiative of King County's Committee To End Homelessness.

Young Adult Services participates on the Washington Coalition for Homeless Youth Advocacy, and is a member of the Seattle King County Coalition on Homelessness.