Web Development Projects

A few examples of our work.


Compendium - Desktop Compendium - Mobile

Synopsis: Compendium needed an online system for the presentation and sale of their products. We implemented an e-commerce website that was customized to accommodate their desired site design and allow for multiple means of displaying products.

Our Favorite Part: The 5 Book and Tickle Monster Mitts. ;)

It's time to find out what's been missing in your online efforts and ...

Seattle Boat Show

Seattle Boat Show - Desktop Seattle Boat Show - Mobile

Synopsis: The Seattle Boat Show needed a website they could manage in-house as well as a way to sell tickets online. We deployed a CMS-driven website with a a custom online ticketing engine that allows for the purchase and printing of show tickets right from the customer's computer.

Our Favorite Part: Dynamic bar codes on the printed e-tickets that can be scanned at the show door.

Washington State Hospital Association

Washington State Hospital Association - Desktop Washington State Hospital Association - Mobile

Synopsis: The Washington State Hospital Association needed an online solution for the display and management of vast amounts of information. We deployed a CMS-driven website with custom membership tools and e-commerce functionality for online sales.

Our Favorite Part: Continuing to work with WSHA on various projects, site enhancements and web-based initiatives to help them get the most out of their online efforts.


OfficeFinder - Desktop OfficeFinder - Mobile

Synopsis: OfficeFinder needed a complete online system for information publication, membership management and request collection. We developed a web-based system of tools, forms, reports and notifications to manage the entire process. Over the years, we have worked to continue the evolution and enhancement of the site.

Our Favorite Part: A sophisticated member prioritization and incoming request migration logic that would make even the most seasoned programmer's head spin.


TechnoServe - Desktop TechnoServe - Mobile

Our Favorite Part: Working with the custom map implementation using Mapbox.

YMCA of Greater Seattle

YMCA of Greater Seattle - Desktop

Synopsis: The YMCA of Greater Seattle needed a custom web-based system for the publication of organizational information, programs and schedules. We implemented a Content Management System, adding a custom database for class schedules across multiple branches. We also conducted a usability research initiative to analyze how people are using their site and identify areas for improvement.

Our Favorite Part: An online reservation system for Summer Programs that allows for the location of relevant courses, and the signing up of multiple children.

The Cottage Company

The Cottage Company

Synopsis: The Cottage Company needed a website that could be fully managed in-house. We deployed an online Content Management System with customized components to accommodate their communities and listings.

Our Favorite Part: I know we're supposed to come up with some technical thing, but in this case, it was the company concept and the photography that inspired us.

Windsor Hotels

Windsor Hotels

Synopsis: Windsor Hotels needed a multi-level site that could present both corporate information and content relating to each individual hotel location. We developed a custom website with CMS tools for the management of site data by multiple levels of hotel staff members, including general managers, marketing coordinators, HR Managers and event planners.

Our Favorite Part: A system for managing, displaying and prioritizing hotel-specific promotions online.


T-Scan T-Scan

Synopsis: T-Scan needed a completely custom internal workflow management, tracking and processing system. We developed an application based on their multi-step internal processes. Among other things, it provides for user-specific task queues, priority alerts, PDF packing slips, billing reports and access to performance metrics.

Our Favorite Part: An automatic data lookup that finds and filters matching data as you type, implemented back before Google popularized the technique.

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